Happy new year — 2011!

Welcome to the all-new Momentum Coaching, LLC blog! As I’ve moved away from my newsletter and the time it requires, I look to use this blog to share and discuss coaching ideas, concepts and experiences. I invite you to share back as the sum or power of 1 + 1 is so much more than two! I appreciate the opportunity connect with you and support you in work and personal happiness you desire!

Happy New Year!

As I sit here wondering what New Year’s commitments I might like to make for 2011, I find myself simply thinking about the “new year”phrase we say over and over to each other.  As I ponder the meaning of these words…I share my thoughts with you and wish you a truly happy new year!


Happiness — that which brings us joy and filss our hearts with gladness.  Take this time to look more closely at what exactly does bring you happiness and joy.  Notice what has to happen for HAPPY to come into your life.  Does it require being more present or aware?  Maybe it requires removing the lens of judgement to embrace the positive that’s always there.  Sometimes HAPPY merely requires being put into the schedule so that it happens.  Start now by planinng for happiness and noticing it when it shows up — especially in the sometimes hidden corners of your life.


It’s about new possibilities and a recreation of your life.  It’s a time of openness and renewal.   The NEW may be about new goals that will bring you more happiness.  NEW may be about renewing your commitment to past goals or reclaiming the vision for what you want.  It is a beginning.  Embrace the opportunity and energy of NEWness and experience yourself as the powerful creator you are.


YEAR is a measurement.  It’s a way to view the passing of time and a cycle of the seasons.  It is a way to bring closure – to help you take stock.  Viewing a year in your life, supports your plan for the future — a ground mark for your commitment and measurement of your learning and  progress.  It’s an abundance of time and space.  It’s a chunk of your life that you can view right from where your sitting – even if that view feels scary or unclear.  Your most powerful starting place is from the question “What would I like the year to bring?”

Happy New Year to you!  May your wishes for 2011 glisten with the crisp freshness of the snowy, winter air.  May the coming year be filled with peace and joy, and empower you to be a creator of your life.


Envision…  Empower…  Evolve.



About Trish Pratt, Certified Executive and Career Development Coach

Since starting my coaching business almost 20 years ago, I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of professionals ranging from C-suite executives to individual contributors. Growth areas have ranged from communication, team development and leadership presence, to refining career clarity and direction. I am propelled in my business by the desire to help people align their work success with their life success. Whether supporting leaders in creating a strategic plan that builds an aligned company culture, or supporting individuals in their personal leadership and productivity, I believe that success lies in your clearest and most energized mission and direction. Other accomplishments that support me in my work are: • 15+ years of corporate and individual experience – coaching professionals in their work strategies and career development. • Completed CoachU Coach Certification in 2002 • Completed Executive Coach Certification in 2003 from Executive Coaching Institute • Past Board and Committee member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)- New England • DISC expert and trainer since 2002 • Received Professional Coach Certification (PCC) in 2005 (requiring a minimum of 7500 active coaching hours) • Published in Human Resource Executive Magazine (“Empowering Key Managers”) • Inducted into The Results System™ (formerly PaperRoom™ System) Founder’s Circle in 2011 • Nominated for ICF-New England Executive Coach of the Year Award, 2014
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4 Responses to Happy new year — 2011!

  1. Your frame — Happy/New/Year — is a great one to use in thinking about changes for the new year. Thanks!

  2. Star Leadership says:

    Congratulations on a great first post!
    So much more to “Happy New Year” that I had not considered.

  3. Clare Harlow says:

    Congrats on your first post Trish! I love how you broke Happy New Year down into individual components…Look forward to seeing you more in 2011! Clare

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